So I quickly doodled this out since it has been eating me up, and I just HAD TO YO.

This is based off the fanfic called “Sweet Melody” written by Strickens, it’s a tad bit smutty but you guys can read it here if you’d like.

This is the part where Marceline is teaching her student Bonnibel how to play the guitar, and this was just my initial reaction to what Bonnie was probably thinking at the time. “Welp, I’m gay.”

Sorry for the messiness of it. I’ll probably do a serious redraw of it in the future. Enjoy!


(◉✿) I’m a lil evil


now i must do fanart for the new joel and adam lp


if you use my colored pencils you better put them back in rainbow order


Person A: “No one likes me.”

Person B: “I like you. Be patient.”


remember when john said he hated con air and it was just too much character development for everyone to handle

asami: korra, is it my turn to have fun w/u?
korra: sorry bae, but apparently dickelodeon isn't done fucking me yet




Common Myths About Bisexuality from the lovely personal memoir in a web comic format Jesus Loves Lesbians, Too by bi blogger & author Maria Burnham (writer/memoirist) and Maggie Siegel-Berele (comic artist).

Remember Bisexuals are just people who can ♥ people of SAME/SIMILAR Gender as themselves + can ♥ people of DIFFERENT Genders/Gender Presentations from themselves.

All the rest of it about must be Exactly 50%/50%; can’t be/can’t ♥ trans/genderqueer people; the 3 C’s: Confused; Closeted + sex-Crazed; must always be poly + can’t be monogamous; yadda, yadda, yada, are just hooey + nonsense made up by haters and fools.

I usually don’t reblog stuff like this because this is my art blog but this hit close to home and reminded me of so many conversations that made me feel like garbage.

It always makes me see red when I see lesbians (and gay men) treating bisexuals this way. I don’t think I can even type too much more without quickly reaching a point where I just smash my head into the keyboard.